Especially for you we have made the best day trip in Antwerp. We can understand that it’s a very hard decision to decide what you are going to see in this beautiful city in one day. You start from the Keyserlei at the Central Station all the way to the Grote Markt.
Central Station
If you’re visiting Antwerp, you surely need to visit the impressive Central Station of Antwerp, which has been named “Most Beautiful Station in the World”. Especially the entrance hall is impressi...

IMAGINE – you’re stuck in Antwerp for the next twenty-four hours. Such a pity, no-one likes that. Yeah right… Of course everyone likes this! So that’s why we decided to write you about “24 Hours in Antwerp” in this months’ blog post! Things to see, things to do – but mostly, things to enjoy.
Diamond District
The place to be in Antwerp is, of course, the Diamond District. Every diamond on earth, has gone through one of Antwerp’s offices at least one time. So why not ta...

Meeting in Antwerp

DID YOU KNOW that Leopold Hotel Antwerp is the ideal location for meetings in Antwerp? Its central and green location in Antwerp, easily accessible by and car and public transport make it – in our beliefs – one of the best locations for your upcoming meeting!

Tailor made packages
For your upcoming meeting, do not hesitate contacting our enthusiastic team. Our supervisor of Groups & Events is available all business days to assist you with your request. Whether i...

Hello! It’s us. Ok, sorry about that, that was very 2017 of me. Or even 2015! Wow, time flies. Anyhow, welcome to 2018 everyone! Also in 2018, I will give you the joy of blogs for Leopold Hotel Antwerp! Yay *🎈 * This year, we will start by introducing you to our new hotel manager, the big boss! A lady, Anne Ludmann. Now it’s time to question Anne Ludmann! Ready? Set? Go! Question time!

Anne, let’s start with a ch...

Dear Santa

This year I would like to get something different.
I don’t want a toy, don’t want a pet, no need for expensive jewellery,
Or clothes, I don’t want that this year,

No, Santa.
This year, I want to get a Hotel Gift Voucher!

Christmas will be special this year, Christmas will be fun this year.

To be able to travel around Europe, choose the hotel I want, that’s all I want for Christmas.

You can get them eas...