Top Restaurants in the Neighbourhood

Posted on 12-06-2017 at 07:49:15

Hmmm... Food! It's always a good time to talk about food, isn't it? So, get ready! Because for this month's blog, we have the top restaurants in the neighborhood! Antwerp's favourite restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or just, if you feel like eating ;-)

Top Restaurants in Antwerp

De Bomma

Restaurant De Bomma

Let's start with a typical Belgian restaurant: De Bomma. Translated, De Bomma means The Grandmother and even the interior is an ode to all the older mums out there. The name of the restaurant gives away the type of food you will eat here: Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, but good, real, classy food like all Belgians know it.


Suikkerrui 16, 2000 Antwerp (Old Town, downtown)


A short 25 minute walk from our hotel, or 15 minutes by taxi.

The Backyard

Restaurant The Backyard

For the second restaurant we choose The Backyard. A new and trendy looking bistro and one of the best in Antwerp! If the amazing interior and the best service is not attracting you yet, the 52 different sorts of gin might do!

The widest choice in Antwerp for sure! To grab some lunch, dinner and to enjoy your gin (with or without tonic) has never been this fun!


Grote Markt 52, 2000 Antwerp (in the heart of Antwerp, Old Town, downtown)


A nice 20 minute walk from our hotel, or 15 minutes by taxi.


Restaurant Berlin

Berlin in Antwerp? "Berlin" in Antwerp! This modern restaurant serves a wide selection of different main dishes to choose from. Whether you'd like to have some Asian food, Belgian food, or just some pasta, it's all on their menu.

The restaurant has young, no-nonsense and, most importantly, friendly staff combined with their amazing atmosphere. Depending on the day, you might have to wait a little to be served, though. Luckily, the quality of the food and drinks makes the difference!


Kleine Markt 1, 2000 Antwerp


Not even 20 minutes walking from our hotel, or 10 minutes by taxi.


Restaurant Appelmans

Appelmans, probably the place to be. One of the most famous restaurants in Antwerp.

Appelmans is one the trendiest brasseries in town. Inside a 19th century building, Appelmans is beautifully decorated, combining the old and the modern - gorgeous photographs of the cathedral hanging on the brick walls.

Appelmans"has a great history, combined with a cosy interior. In the weekend there are DJ's who take care of the right music for your night out. Please be sure to reserve in advance, especially during weekends.


Papenstraat 1, 2000 Antwerp (at the foot of the Cathedral of Our Lady)


15-20 minute walk or 15 minutes by taxi.


Restaurant Pho61

Looking for a decent Vietnamese restaurant? Pho61 is the place to go. Not only for the food, but also for the friendly staff and eye catching decor.

The menu is very authentic, and it doesn't spare you all the unpronounceable dish names - with the needed description in more accessible languages, of course :-) The restaurant does exactly that: bring traditional Vietnamese food with a modern touch. Pho is actually a traditional noodle soup that can be found at every corner of the street everywhere in Vietnam. People eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner,... Well, actually - any time of the day.


Grote Markt 42, 2000 Antwerp


20-25 minute walk or 15 minutes by taxi.

For any questions about restaurants or to get some directions, do not hesitate to ask our Front desk! We will always help you with a smile, and a city map. Because city maps always come in handy.

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