We all know Antwerp is pretty and has beautiful buildings with old and creative architecture. But did you also know Antwerp is beautiful through a lens? Take out that camera or smartphone and take a quick tour with us, together! Hop hop hopping through Antwerp! Whoop whoop 🤪

Cheesy but beautiful

Whether you live in Antwerp since you’ve born, or like me for just over five years, the central station – train station – of Antwerp is just gorgeous. Inside and outside. Find yourself a good spot in the center of the main building, kneel, wait for everyone to get the … out of your picture and… Showtime baby! Roll over some filters and make it even more pretty! Or visit the beautiful inside and discover the beauty in its details.

Cheesy part 2: Cathedral of Our Lady

Next step; visit the Cathedral of Our Lady. But let’s not take the most touristic route via Groenplaats but take one of the many surrounding streets. Especially now with the daylight saving, the Cathedral of Our Lady is beautiful in the dark. The one true building which makes Antwerp pretty. View it from a distance, shoot, or visit it from up close, look up and… Ahh, pretty as a picture! (Instagrammable Antwerp, pretty as a picture… Do you see what I did there? 😏)

MAS – Museum aan de Stroom

This one is always on my “To Visit”-list for people who visit Antwerp for the first time, or for those who have never visited MAS. What is MAS? MAS is a museum. Bwuuuuh, booorriinngggg… I can hear you think. But NO! MAS is not only an interesting building, the collections at MAS are temporary and interesting as well. And as cherry on top of the whipped cream on that delicious cake, it has a free entrance panoramic terrace on the rooftop. To take a look at Antwerp from a totally different dimension. Especially with Winter in Antwerp, it’s like one big fairytale from above. Plus, when the sun is shining, you can create a sweet shot from this creative architectural creature in Antwerp. We all know the pictures of how red and interesting the building is shaped, but with some reflections of the sun coming from behind, well… It makes me exciting. I mean, look at the text I wrote here, lol.

The impressive renewed Port Authority building

When you’re at the MAS, take a walk up north, towards the new harbor of Antwerp. You’ll find the impressive and recently renewed Port Authority building. From a distance, you can see its beauty already. Walk towards the building and you’ll get smaller and smaller while the building gets bigger and bigger. Try to spot yourself in the reflection of the glass and just… Get impressed. Please keep in mind, this is an Instagrammable area, but there’s not much else to see or do in the close by area.

That’s all folks

Well, I could go on and on for another 27 hours, but I will not. Explore Antwerp in a different way from now on and do not hesitate sending us your photos or experiences with Antwerp. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram! Because next to a hotel, we’re also very social human beings. It’s true! You can even talk to us and pet us, we won’t bite... I think.

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