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Posted on 16-05-2017 at 08:52:17

The summertime sadness of 2016 is in the past. Summer of 2017 is getting closer and closer. In this month's blog post, we will try to convince you to visit Antwerp this summer! Get ready... Set... Here we go!

Zomer van Antwerpen

Party in town. Antwerp loves everybody. During the summertime period - starting June 16 till September 3, 2017 - you can enjoy summer on its best during "Zomer van Antwerpen".You can find events organized by "Zomer van Antwerpen" all over Antwerp, on the most unexpected locations, with theatre shows, world music, circus, great and inspiring movies and of course... Bars to catch a delicious refreshing drink in the (hopefully) sunny summer of 2017.

"Zomer van Antwerpen" will also have its own ZOMERBAR on a great location. Enjoy drinks while listening to music. A playground for children is available, and for those in need of a book, there's the library ZOMERBIBLIOTHEEK.

For more information about "Zomer van Antwerpen" click here!


Like it fancy? Like it sandy? Try Bocadero! Every year a great success, due to its location and possibilities. No obligations, but truly a must visit!

Drinks, laughter, music, food and sand in your shoes. Bocadero offers it all. And this all near the Scheldt River, the fancy MAS Museum ánd the city center of Antwerp! What else would you like? Sunset? Okay, you can have one - make sure to stay at Bocadero when the sun is setting, it's amazingly beautiful.

For more information about "Bocadero" click here!


Did somebody say bouncy house?! Sure did!

Want to relive these childhood memories, but this time without having to get your kids from the bouncy house because they are fighting or because dinner is ready? That's possible! "Summerbounce" is organizing its very first debut in Antwerp. On June 24, you can dance and jump on bouncy houses for 10 hours straight!

Isn't it fun?! With the minimum age limit of 18, there will be no children. Just you, enough bouncy houses, DJ for the music, food and drinks and of course enough space to relax after you've done that one amazing move on the bouncy house. 😉

For more information about "Summerbounce" click here!

Shopping in Antwerp

Want to take it easy, and just shop till you... drop? Antwerp has enough to offer, also during the summer of 2017!

Of course, you cannot skip the main shopping street "Meir" with the beautiful "Shoppingcenter Stadsfeestzaal" in the center. Looking for a designer brand? Try "Huidevetterstraat" and "Hopland", we will be sure you'll succeed over there!
And even when it's just too hot outside, there's an alternative option to go shopping. Try "Wijnegem Shopping Center", just 20 minutes by car - or 35 minutes by public transport - from our hotel! Here you can find over 200 stores, indoor, air-conditioned. 😍

For more information about "Wijnegem Shopping Center" click here!

Vintage Markets

You love vintage markets? Antwerp is the place to be. With lots of vintage markets in town, there is always one to find.

Especially when the "Swan Market" hits Antwerp again! On May 21, "Swan Market" is back in town. Homemade jewelry, accessories, fashion, true vintage items, items for kids, art, interior and more! All together with amazing food and live music.

May 21, 2017 from 11 AM to 6 PM. Make sure to check it out. You will not regret it.

For more information about "Swan Market" click here!

See you soon in Antwerp!

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