To visit Antwerp is to eat in town. Antwerp knows tons of different restaurants. Maybe too many to choose from, since they all look very appealing and have great menus. Food in Antwerp is no issue.
That’s why we decided to give you our favorite Antwerp restaurants, presented by our Front Office team.

General recommendations
We would like to start with some general recommendations. You not sure what you want to eat, or just want to walk and see where you will end up eati...

Imagine you could wake up after a great night of sleep and could get an even better breakfast to start your day. This is possible at Leopold Hotel Antwerp, as we have – in our opinion and the opinion of our loved guests – the best breakfast in Antwerp.

Cut it yourself
One of the many highlights of our breakfast buffet is our fresh bread. We have several fresh baked breads available for our breakfast guests and you can cut them yourself! You like a small slice, or prefer...

Summer is in town, time to get ready for that summer body! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a healthy body?
Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your schedule while you travel a lot or when you’re on your well deserved vacation. We at Leopold Hotel Antwerp understand that and that’s the reason why we give our guests the chance to be and stay healthy!

One of the most popular places of the hotel
Our gym is the most active facility in our hotel. Bus...

Summer in Antwerp

There are so many things to do in Antwerp, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something fun for the whole family. That’s why Team-Leopold Hotel Antwerp made a list with things to do for the family, especially for you! 🤩
Celebration Day at Central Park (“Stadspark”)
Every year, Belgium comes together on the 7th and 8th of July, to enjoy, party, eat and dance. This is a national celebration day in Belgium. A free festival where DJs will play their best music to e...

In the past years, we’ve written quite some posts about what to do in Antwerp, what to see in Antwerp, which events you should RSVP to and even how you can save money while being on your city trip in Antwerp. This month, we decided to show you the huge public transport network Antwerp has to offer.

You can take a nice walk through the streets of Antwerp, next to the Scheldt from the MAS to South Antwerp and back to Leopold Hotel Antwerp, but once you’ve done that you might like to ...