A Day in the Life of a Receptionist

Posted on 17-03-2017 at 10:06:40

It’s Friday. The weekend is about to start. The last business men and women are checked out, and we are preparing ourselves to welcome our weekend guests into the hotel. 

Fridays are usually quite busy days, where people are still checking-out and new people are waiting to check-in. Where the business people need to travel back home, take a train or go to the airport – and our leisure guests are queueing up to check-in already. It’s going to be a busy, but most of all, fun day! I can feel it!

05:30AM: Oh no… My alarm… Please make it stop.

05:40AM:Okay, let’s get out of bed. Freshen up, get dressed and time for some quick breakfast

06:15AM: On my way people! I am on my way.

06:40AM: A bit early, but I have just arrived at the Leopold Hotel Antwerp. My place to be for the next 8.5 hours.

07:00AM:It’s show time baby! Time to print some reports, check out our wake-up call list and our housekeeping list. Extra beds, baby cots or special rooms arriving today? Now we know!

07:10AM: Today I (Thomas) am on shift with our intern Maureen. She’s with us since December until May. Just like with the other colleagues, we team up and divide tasks at the first half hour. This way, we get the job done much faster and make sure we don’t do the same task twice.

07:20AM:While Maureen checks all the folios of our departures for today, I’m pulling our reports, check the mailbox, answer the phone and check our Grab & Go shop on the temperature of the fridges. Hmmm, delicious sandwiches, apples, chocolate bars… Stop dreaming, get back to work! 

07:30AM:And here we go. The final departures are arriving at our Front Desk, while people are also looking for the breakfast room. Luckily we’ve prepared ourselves good and the check-out is running as smooth as possible. Just what our guests like. Happy people; happy us!

08:00AM: While we’re busy checking out, the phone continuously rings today. All people would like to go to Antwerp for the weekend and are looking for a hotel to stay in. Let’s make some reservations! Welcome some people to Leopold Hotel Antwerp and help them with our biggest smile and greatest hospitality service we can think of. 

09:30AM: Whoops, a bit of a gap there, but to be honest, nothing new happened in this hour and a half. We checked out some more people – only 5 left to go. We had one late check-out request which we could fulfill complimentary. And that’s about it. Now back to where we were. Our first check-in arrived! Pretty early, but the weather is beautiful. Sun is shining and the temperature rises quickly. At a quiet moment, I ran outside just to take this picture. Isn’t it just great? No rain, no snow, no wind. Just 18 degrees on the temperature. Happy people; happy us! Remember? ;-)

11:00AM: Okay, the good weather is what brings the people to come to the hotel early today. We just got a queue of 7 couples waiting for the check-in to start. Unfortunately, we did not have their room ready just yet where check-in starts at 3PM. Fortunately, we always store their luggage so they can enjoy Antwerp! :-)

11:30AM: Lunch time! FOOD! Yes, time for food. Today on lunch menu: Salmon lasagna. Where I am not a fish eater myself, I decided just to make my own sandwich. Some cheese, ham and cucumber. Nice and easy.

12:00PM: I’m back in charge and Maureen is off to have her lunch. Time to check the left over departures, call to check if they prefer to check out a bit later or are already checked-out. Clear out their information from their room inbox. Making space for our new arrivals. Also time to quickly sort out our invoices so far. A pile of MasterCard invoices, one of Visa and so on. Saving time for the end of our shift.

12:15PM: “Hello! Welcome. You’re here to check in?” Another arrival just arrived. Time to do another check-in. Still a little early, but they’re in luck! I got a room for them, and a nice one. They booked a park view room, and I could give them one on our seventh floor. Nice overview over the park. As one of our regular guests told me once; “The sound of the birds will wake you up nice and easily. You’re up high, so just open your curtains,grab a cup of tea and enjoy the view. If it’s 6AM or 10AM, a nice view is always great”. A few minutes after checking in, they came downstairs to personally thank me for their room. This makes me do my job with all pleasure day after day for 2.5 years straight now.

12:30PM: Ladies and gentlemen, Maureen is back from her break. Team power has returned. Ready to get going!

01:30PM: Not much action is going on so far. We decided to check our cashier nice on time today. Since it’s quiet so far, we can focus on the cash and counting our terminals. Luckily everything is all OK today, so no double counting, double checking and correcting some mistakes. Very nice on a day like today.

02:00PM: Check-in time! People start popping in, a small queue in our lounge. But, since we were well prepared, the check-in is going as smoothly as possible. And yet again: Happy people; happy us!

02:30PM: Time to finish our shift, slowly but well. Time to clean our desk, take what’s ours and put it aside. We don’t want the next shift to get lost in our paper work. Leave a nice and clean desk for your colleagues. That’s what we like.

02:50PM: And there they are! A team of 2 to do the handover of the shift. What’s the important stuff to know, what to do, what to ask… 

03:00PM: And it’s time people. Time to leave you to rest. Just like what we are going to do. The sun is shining, sit back and relax.

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